Small Gin


Small in size but big in flavour, Small Gin is so rich in botanical character that the recommended serve of just 5ml (one thimbleful) is all you will need to create a wonderfully balanced real gin and tonic – with just 0.2 units of alcohol per serve.

Perfect for anyone who loves gin but is looking to drink a little less alcohol, the ideal choice for working lunches, weekday evenings and summer barbecues. When mixed , Small Gin offers all the satisfying character of a classic G&T with 80% less alcohol.

Throughout the original gin boom of the 18th Century, those who enjoyed gin were typically drinking it mainly for the alcohol – with juniper, and other botanicals added primarily to make the spirit more palatable. Today, the situation is reversed, with many people making more considered choices and actively looking to reduce their alcohol consumption but keen to continue enjoying the classic gin flavour they have to love. The biggest innovation within the gin category for 100 years, Small Gin is the perfect solution – a real gin that allows you to mix a true G&T with just a fraction of the alcohol.

Small G&T
5ml (thimbleful) Small Gin, Top with 100ml low calorie tonic, Garnish with lemon peel or squeeze of lime.
0.2 Units alcohol and 30 calories per serve.
Tiny Tom Collins
5ml (thimbleful) Small Gin, 20ml Lemon juice, 10ml of sugar syrup, Top with 100ml of Soda Water.
0.2 Units alcohol and 40 calories per serve.
Mini Gin Mojito
Shake: 5ml (thimbleful) Small Gin, 4 mint leaves, 25ml lime, 12.5ml sugar. Strain over ice. Top with 100ml soda. Garnish mint leaf.
0.2 Units alcohol and 45 calories per serve.

Each bottle of Small Gin comes with a specially designed 5ml measuring thimble making it easy to mix a perfect Small Gin and Tonic every time.

43% ABV
40 serves per bottle
0.2 units of alcohol per 5ml (thimbleful) serve

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