Gin Liqueur

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Refreshingly smooth and incredibly versatile, our liqueur delivers bright and bold juniper aromas with a burst of zesty citrus on the palate.


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The high bottling strength and classically balanced botanicals create a bold and traditional gin character with a touch of natural sugar that brings the sweetness traditionally associated with a liqueur.

Enjoy this liqueur poured over ice or with soda and fresh summer berries.

40% ABV
Available in 70cl.

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  1. A really quite unique product that combines the aromatic complexity of gin, with the smooth sippability of a liqueur. This product took a while to garner my enthusiasm but, after a few attempts to get my head around the concept, it really started to ‘grow’. Whilst still clearly present, the juniper takes a back seat here and allows the citrus notes to come to the fore. Again, there is a touch of spice, and altogether the liqueur is very well balanced.
    Although designed to be sipped, it is much more fun as a mixer, providing an interesting and tasty twist on cocktails usually calling for liqueurs such as triple sec.

    The Cocktail Geek via The Cocktail Geek


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