Gently Rested

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A wonderfully smooth, rounded and well-balanced gin, with peppery and spicy notes from the dominant botanicals – juniper and coriander – adding to its full-flavoured individuality.


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In the same way that gin was rested in casks rather than bottles in London’s ornate Gin Palaces during the 1800s, ours is rested in old Scotch Whisky barrels for just three weeks. Such short contact with wood really lifts our botanical flavours and enhances the peppery spice.

Enjoy the spicy peppery notes of this gin paired with a fiery Ginger Ale or make a martini with grapefruit bitters.

41.3% ABV
Available in 70cl

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  1. Outstanding. This is not a novelty gin at all. It is an excellent London Dry gin with just a small faint of softness brought out by the barrel contact. It makes it just a teeny tad softer, but not a flavoured gimmicky product. Really wonderful. Outstanding in a martini.



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