Small Gin

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A full-strength gin which is bursting with flavour and character – just use the thimble to measure out the gin (this is the exact amount needed for one G&T), pour over ice and top with 100ml of light tonic.  A quick stir and your low alcohol and low calorie G&T is ready to drink with all the taste of your favourite G&T. This 20cl bottle comes with a thimble hand tied around the neck and makes 40 G&Ts.


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Enjoy the taste of Gin and Tonic but want to drink a little less alcohol?  This is the gin for you.

So often – for whatever reason – we look for a drink with lower alcohol and fewer calories. Award-winning Hayman’s Small Gin ™ makes a G&T with both 80% less alcohol and only 40 calories (when topped up with our recommended tonics), with no compromise on the great taste of a Hayman’s G&T. Just use the thimble provided to measure out the gin – this will be the exact amount needed for one G&T – pour over ice and top with 100ml of light tonic.

Perfect for anyone who loves gin but is looking to drink a little less alcohol. Small Gin makes the ideal choice for working lunches, weekday evenings and Sunday BBQs.

Enjoy a thimbleful poured over ice, topped up with 100ml of light tonic before adding your lemon garnish.

Each bottle of Small Gin comes with a specially designed 5ml measuring thimble making it easy to mix a perfect Small Gin and Tonic every time.

43% ABV
40 servings per bottle
0.2 units of alcohol per 5ml (thimbleful) serve

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  1. As above but the rating box didn’t appear so it looks like I’ve given it 3 starts when I meant to give it 5!!

    M Riley

  2. All I can say is Thank You For making a low alcohol gin that makes a great tasting G&T. I’m so impressed that I’m giving it as a gift to friends and family for dry January.

    M Riley

  3. This actually makes a decent tasting, low alcohol G&T. Impressed

    Mark Rawsthorne

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