Sloe Gin

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Wonderful fruity notes from the wild-foraged berries combined with our award-winning London Dry Gin.

Choose our hand gift wrapped Sloe Gin for the perfect gift.


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To create our Sloe Gin we gently infuse wild harvested English Sloe berries in our beautifully balanced London Dry Gin.

The process, another of our Hayman’s long-standing family recipes, takes 3-4 months before the infusion is blended with natural sugars. The result is plummy aromas, hints of almond and frangipane and delicious fruity notes – it’s not too sweet, not too tart and you can still taste our gin!

Our 70cl bottle can be hand-wrapped for the perfect present.

Traditionally sipped neat or poured over ice, we also enjoy it as a long drink with elderflower tonic. A Hayman’s Sloe Royale is served with sparkling wine and a perfect cocktail for a special occasion.

26.0% ABV
Available in 5cl, 20cl, 70cl and 70cl wrapped.

What you’ve been saying...

  1. Hayman’s Sloe Gin is an exquisite products. Words cannot describe. You must taste it!

    M. G. O’Callaghan

  2. This gin achieves what I find many sloe gins do not, excellent mix-ability. I put this down to the bitter edge introduced by the inclusion of cracked sloe stones into the maceration process. Whilst this makes the gin a little more bitter for sipping, it produces impressive results when mixed, adding a complexity of flavour that raises my sloe gin cocktails to another level. For those who find many commercial sloe gins a little too cloying, this one will certainly appeal.

    The Cocktail Geek via The Cocktail Geek

  3. The sloe gin is my favourite!! Especially in cocktails or with prosecco

    Natasha W via Facebook


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