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Hayman’s Distillery
8a Weir Road
SW12 0NA

How to get to us

We are a 12-minute walk from Balham station (Northern line, zone 3 Overground and Underground) or a 15-minute walk from Clapham South station (Northern line, zone 2 Underground).

Est. 1863

Gently Rested Gin, Old Fashioned

You will need…

Steps to make…

  1. To make the bay leaf syrup, put two bay leaves in a saucepan with two parts sugar to one part water, and slowly bring to a simmer
  2. Remove from the heat when the sugar has dissolved and leave to cool
  3. Stir all ingredients with ice in a mixing glass or jar
  4. Add cubed ice to a rocks glass
  5. Strain the drink over the ice

For the true taste

Bay leaves develop their unique flavours and aromas when dried; these herbal, slightly floral notes bring out the nuanced, complex botanicals in the gin. Making a simple bay leaf sugar syrup is the best way of capturing the bay leaves’ intense flavours and imparting them to this twist on a classic.

Grapefruit Martini

You will need…

Steps to make…

  1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass, and stir well.
  2. Strain into a chilled Martini glass.
  3. Snap over the oils from grapefruit zest and garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Bartenders Tip

The Grapefruit Martini is served ‘straight up’, meaning it is served straight into a glass without ice. To ensure that your cocktail stays deliciously cool, try freezing your glass for up to an hour before making your drink. This will give it a frosted finish but more importantly will keep your Martini perfectly crisp and chilled. If you forget to do this – don’t worry. You can fill the glass with ice whilst your making it which will quickly cool the glass. Simply pour it out before serving your Martini and enjoy.

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You have to be over 18* to enter the home of English Gin

* Or over 21, depending on where you live