World Bartender Day

World Bartender Day is a day to celebrate bartenders and recognise their creativity, craftsmanship, and style.


How To Garnish Your Gin

Learn how to complement or contrast the gin's flavour with our quick guide on garnishing your gin.


Valentine's Day Cocktails

Hayman's Gin has created some Valentine's Day twists on our True English Gin cocktails.


Hayman's Winter Warmers

Best thing about Winter? Has to be curling up with one of our hot gin cocktails...


We're Hiring

We're looking for an Events Ambassador to join our team and spread the word about True English Gin.


Sloe Gin Cooler

Discover the recipe for long, cool and simple sophistication in a glass, all year round.


True English G&T

Classically paired with premium tonic water and a twist of lemon peel for a True English G&T.


True English Gin Martini

A warm glass is the martini’s enemy, so make sure to freeze your martini glass for up to an hour before making your drink.


Elsanta Fizz

Explore the flavours of an English Summer in a glass.


Old Tom & Lemon Tonic

Discover a crisp, refreshing twist on a classic.


Sugar Snap Gimlet

Making your own shrubs might sound daunting, but it is the easiest way to capture ingredients’ essential flavours and aromas.


Gently Rested Gin Old Fashioned

English Gin and Scotch whisky… It works.

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* Or over 21, depending on where you live.