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Q&A with World Gin Day’s Emma Stokes

With World Gin Day on the horizon, there’s no better excuse to celebrate (globally) all things GIN.  And at Hayman’s, there’s nothing we enjoy more than gathering gin lovers far and wide (from our exclusive experiences at our London Distillery to connecting via #WorldGinDay on Instagram) and toasting the industry as a whole with cocktails in hand.

So while counting down to the big day, we caught up with Emma Stokes (aka @ginmonkey), the global coordinator behind World Gin Day:

Emma Stokes / World Gin Day

What makes a great World Gin Day?

For me, seeing people from all over the world celebrating and enjoying a gin or two – it’s so great to see via Twitter streams and Instagram as they fill up with brilliant posts.

Which is the perfect location for a G&T?

Well, there’s a reason #WorldGinDay is in June…summertime is just the best time to enjoy a G&T in the sunshine! That being said, it is now a truly global day so you can discover gin cocktails from all seasons as you tune in…

How important is your garnish?

Aesthetically I’d say VERY, it creates the anticipation of what you’re about to drink. It has a role to play aromatically as you bring the drink up to have a sip too, from bright lemon and lime citrus to herbal rosemary or thyme. However, the garnish really isn’t the be all and end all, in fact, I increasingly drink my G&T’s ‘naked’ with no garnish at home, to enjoy the gin in its unadulterated form (except for the bubbly tonic!).

What’s your go-to serve right now?

As Summer approaches I love the often-forgotten classic – the Floradora. It’s that perfect combination of easy to make and completely delicious – with the added advantage of being a great choice for those who don’t like the bitterness of tonic water.

Hayman’s Gin / Floradora

Favourite ways to enjoy Hayman’s Gin?

Well, it depends on which Hayman’s Gin I’m drinking as you have a brilliant and wide range of options available…but some of my favourites are:

London Dry Gin: G&T or Martini (lemon twist)
Exotic Citrus Gin: Citrus classics like a White Lady or a London Calling
Old Tom Gin: The classic Tom Collins in the summer and a Martinez in the winter
Rare Cut Gin: Martinis all the way!
Small Gin: (amazing innovation by the way) used in place of any gin in all long cocktails such as a G&T, Tom Collins or the Floradora mentioned above.

Where to next for WGD?

World Gin Day is already the biggest and ginniest day in the calendar, but I’ve no doubt it could be even bigger and better. My aim is to take a little more time to step back and think about the possibilities and direction that World Gin Day could take.

2022 has also been a bit of a difficult year personally with family issues which has been challenging but, as always, there will lots and lots of excellent events taking place all over the world as community really drives the success of this special day.

Most importantly, it is a day for everyone to celebrate gin.  Cheers everyone – here’s to World Gin Day 2022!

World Gin Day is on Saturday 11th June.




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