One Small Step For Gin...

Small Gin

…one giant leap for the world of low alcohol serves.

Love gin but looking to drink a little less alcohol? Our game-changing new Small Gin allows you to mix a real gin and tonic with just 0.2 units of alcohol and 15 calories per serve.

Small Gin

Small in size but big in flavour, Small Gin is so rich in botanical character that you’ll need just 5ml to create a wonderfully balanced Small Gin & Tonic. The tiny serving size allows you to reduce the alcohol in a your G&T by an incredible 80%, while keeping all the wonderful gin character. 

Each bottle of Small Gin comes with a specially designed 5ml measuring thimble hand tied around the neck, making it easy to mix a perfect Small Gin and Tonic at home. Just one thimbleful contains the same botanical flavour as a 25ml measure of standard gin.

The pocket-sized gin bottle (20cl) contains 40 serves for just £26. Available to order here.

Signature Serves

Small Gin

Small Gin & Tonic

5ml (thimbleful) of Small Gin

Topped with 100ml low calorie tonic

Garnish with lemon peel or squeeze of lime

0.2 Units alcohol and 30 calories per serve

Small Gin

Tiny Tom Collins

5ml (thimbleful) Small Gin

20ml Lemon juice

10ml of sugar syrup

Top with 100ml of Soda Water

0.2 Units alcohol and 40 calories per serve

Small Gin

Mini Gin Mojito

Shake: 5ml (thimbleful) Small Gin, 4 mint leaves, 25ml lime, 12.5ml sugar.

Strain over ice

Top with 100ml soda

Garnish mint leaf

0.2 Units alcohol and 45 calories per serve


You have to be over 18* to enter the home of english gin

* Or over 21, depending on where you live.