Small Gin & Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Bundle

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Our Small Gin makes a delicious G&T when paired with Double Dutch’s Skinny Tonic. With less sugar but no compromise on taste, this combination makes a delicious low alcohol and low calorie G&T.


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The bundle includes a bottle of Hayman’s Small Gin and 4 Double Dutch Skinny Tonics.

So often – for whatever reason – we look for a drink with lower alcohol and fewer calories.  Hayman’s Small Gin ™ makes a G&T with both 80% less alcohol and less calories, with no compromise on the great taste of a Hayman’s G&T. A thimbleful is all you need – just pour over ice and top up with tonic.

Perfect for anyone who loves gin but is looking to drink a little less alcohol, the ideal choice for working lunches, weekday evenings and Sunday BBQs.

Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water contains less sugar than standard tonic water and delivers a sophisticated top note with hints of grapefruit and juniper berry.

What you’ve been saying...

  1. Takes the guilt out of the lovely g&t ritual!


  2. Perfect mid-week low-cal drink! Only re-stocking on the tonics at the minute because small gin really last longer than you’d think !

    Shanice Lee

  3. Enjoying my low alcohol Hayman’s Small Gin G&T with Double Dutch Skinny Tonic was only 40 calories per serving and 80% less alcohol! I’ve been having this light and refreshing drink most nights and love the fact I can drink a couple and enjoy the taste and not wake up the next day feeling the worse for wear…



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