Valentine's Day Cocktails

Roses are red

Hayman’s is blue,

Here are some Valentine's

Cocktails for you!

At Hayman’s, we believe nothing speaks true love like a True English Gin cocktail. We have created some Valentine’s Day twists which really are worth falling for.


The Sloe Royale

This celebratory serve is the perfect way to toast your sweetheart on the 14th of February. A twist on a Kir Royale, we’ve added Hayman’s Sloe Gin to create a sophisticated cocktail to show your affection. We recommend using English Sparkling Wine for a True English Cocktail.

35ml Hayman’s Sloe Gin

Sparkling Wine

Rose Petal to garnish

1. Pour the Sloe Gin into a champagne flute.
2. Top with Sparkling Wine to taste.
3. Garnish with a folded rose petal pegged on.


I Love You Berry Much

Sometimes the moment calls for something fruity and fresh! We’ve combined Hayman’s London Dry Gin with sweet pineapple juice and a touch of Campari which is guaranteed to transport you to a romantic island getaway.

30ml Haymans London Dry Gin

30ml Pineapple Juice

20ml Lemon Juice

10ml Campari

Tonic Water

Berries to garnish

1. Add all the ingredients into a shaker.
2. Top with ice, and shake.
3. Strain and serve in a highball glass.
4. Top with a touch of Indian Tonic Water.
5. Garnish with berries spiked through a cocktail stick.
6. Serve immediately to enjoy a cloud of pineapple foam.


The Love Bug

A twist on the classic Grasshopper cocktail, using Strawberry Liqueur for the Crème de Cacao gives a pink hue perfect for a Valentine. You can use Hayman’s London Dry or Hayman’s Sloe Gin to create this match made in heaven!

30ml Haymans Sloe Gin or Hayman’s London Dry Gin

30ml Single Cream

30ml Strawberry Liqueur

3ml Fernet Branca

1 dash Aztec Chocolate Bitters

1 Strawberry Slice to garnish

1. Chill a cocktail glass.
2. Add all the ingredients into a shaker.
3. Top with ice and shake thoroughly.
4. Double strain and serve into the chilled glass.
5. Garnish with a strawberry slice.

Feeling Inspired? Our Hayman’s True English Gin range can be purchased on the website; If you try any of these recipes, we would love to see your creations.  Tag us using @haymansgin, or use #trueenglishgin. Who knows, your mixology skills might feature on our social channels!

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